April 23, 2017

How To Make an Animated Butterfly in Photoshop CS5

Hi guys.. Are you interesting about graphic design? If you are, we're "friend". And how about butterfly? Do you like it? I like it, especially a blue butterfly. I never seen, but I can imagine it. Now, I would like to teach you how to make an animated butterfly in Photoshop CS5. If you have another series of Photoshop, it's okay. You still can do it, because most of the tools is same.
I have a tutorial video on my YouTube channel. Check this out.
These are some examples of my animation.


April 15, 2017

The Work Can't Stop The Hobby

            She is the prettiest, the best and everything. Who is she? She is my mother. Her complete name is Yulia Theresia. She worked as a civil servant. Currently I am interested to discuss about the figure that I idolized. Why? Because, she is a hard worker, but I never heard she complain about the work. And something that makes me very curious is that she sewed uniform work alone. Even the school uniforms of her children are also in sewing by her. She is very talented to sew. It made me curious. So, a few days ago we did an interview. Here are the results of my interview with my mother beloved.
(M = Mother, R = Resti/me)
R       :    “Mom, I know you are a hard worker. And you are often busy in the office. How to do your job but keep doing hobby? Is it troublesome?”
M      :    “Haha.. I just love my job, so I never feel burdened. To do a hobby, right now I only do it when there is free time, and need a new clothes. Because as you know, the higher the job title, then the responsibility will also increase.”
R       :    “Okay, I’m going to focus on your talent. Since when did you learn to sew? Whether your ambition is to become a tailor?”
M      :    “No, I indeed want to be civil servants. First I took a sewing course while waiting to get a job. As time went on I increasingly adept at sewing, I was accepted as a civil servant, and keep sewing.”
R       :    “Oh, so until today how many clothes you've made? And any outfit that you create?”
M      :    “Wow, I can't count how many clothes I've made. Because it's been more than twenty years. But to suit what I create, I managed to make t-shirts, shirts, dresses, skirts, trousers, shorts, bedding, curtain, bedsheets and many more.”
R       :    “Hm.. I'm proud of you. So, can you give some tip for me as your son and to readers about how to be successful at work while doing a hobby?”
M      :    “Well, you just need to love your job. Keep learning to improve ourselves. Responsible and self-confident. Don't forget to keep praying and trying. Working as a civil servant, it doesn't mean you can't be creative with a hobby. Develop your talent. Then when you retire from your job, you have a new job from your hobby.”
R       :    “All right, thank you for sharing your experience and tips for me and the reader. may be beneficial for us.”

April 14, 2017

The Guardian Gate

Have you ever think about creating a new robots who have never there? We have! Check this out!

March 30, 2017

I can't imagine life without plants

Have you ever imagined if life without plants? My mind there is only one word, arid! Why? Because there are no plants that can be an oxygen for living beings, be a something like umbrella that can protect you from sun, and the land looks so dry.

All of living beings need plants. The meaning of plants are vegetable, tree, grass and flower. From there, any something  you don't need? No, you need vegetable to eat, you need tree to protect you from rain and sun, and you also need grass and flower to make your home looks good.

I can't imagine if God not created plants in this world. But if I have to imagine, I think earth without plants, must be very arid and hot. Right now, so many people don't care about the damage to the forest. A lot of the burning of the forest happened to be the land plantation and the settlement. See! Right now, we can feel the temperature of our earth becoming increasingly hot. Even a lot of the case of the death of the animal because the temperature change drastically. That's all happened because of the earth experience global warming.

So, if the burning of the forest not stop, have you ever imagined what happen with living beings and this earth for 20 years ahead?

March 16, 2017

My Skills

Skill. Every body must have the skill. Because that will make you to be a special person. You can to be rich, famous, etc with your skill. A lot of people have more than one skill. But not many from them can manage all their skill well. You must try to enhance your skill one by one, so you will know what you like and you get the benefit from that.
Okay, tonight I will tell you about my skills. My skills are drawing and designing. I'm crazy about them. Every I feel bored, I'll do it. Drawing make me feel better. Drawing and designing need concentration, so I can forget my problem or a sense of boredom. I like to draw since the third grade of elementary school. I like drawing cartoons, barbies, dress, skirt, shirt, trousers, pants and many more.  While I study designing by myself since the first grade of junior high school. I study designing by the Photoshop and Coreldraw. With the skills that I have, I tried to join the drawing and design competitions. When the third grade of junior high school, I try to join drawing competition to commemorate the Child National Day. From that competition, I am a third winner. For the first time I get the trophy from drawing competition. While the second competition, I join to the poster design in FLS2N Pontianak. The first poster design competition when I was a student at the first grade of senior high school. I know, if I always try and pray, nothing impossible. So I am a third winner of West Borneo province from that competition. I am very happy, i get the trophy, money, certificate, also make my parents and school proud of me. But, that is not enough for me. At the next year, I try again. I join to the same competition. And the result is I'm to be a second winner. Well, I think that is over. I can't join to the same competition until I become the fist winner. I was student at the third grade of senior high school. I must focus for the examination. Right now I still learning enhance my skills.
Well, I think that's all about my skills. You can get the many of benefits from your skill if you always practice it, hope the great result, try, try, try, and pray. Thank you.