May 31, 2017

the Importance of the Trench Development of the Road

Good morning ladies and gentleman. At this time, I will covey you about the importance of the trench development of the road. Why is this so important to convey? Because a lot of us see the problems that occur due to absence of a ditch on the roadside. Either through the medium of television, radio or newspaper. Flooding is an annual problem that always happens in Indonesia, especially in big cities like Jakarta with a lot of population and buildings. Even the roadside often make a place to sell without regard to safety and the rules of the ban on selling on the roadside.

The ditch is a long open pit on the ground where the water flows. Trenches are formed naturally on the surface of the earth, or deliberately made by humans. The function of a ditch are to drain water, both household waste, rainwater and etc, from somewhere and end up in the river. Can we imagine what if there is no ditch on the roadside? Roads that do not have ditches will be inundated when it rains, buildings around the road will also be inundated. Even worse if there are heavy rain and long, there will be a very harmful flood. If the road is inundated very long, then there will be damage to the road with the emergence of holes on the road surface. The surrounding buildings will also suffer structural damage, especially for buildings with wood material. Is that the only problem that will arise due to the absence of a ditch? Of course not. Too many disadvantages to mention. Do you still think the ditch is not important?

Badan Nasional Penanggulangan Bencana (BNPB) released disaster records in Indonesia throughout 2016. As many as 92 percent of the disaster that hit Indonesia is a disaster hydrometeorology category. Hydrometeorology disaster means a natural disaster triggered by heavy rainfall, heavy and wet during the rainy season. Records of hydrometeorology disasters such as floods and landslides in Indonesia soar throughout 2016. Even the BNPB concludes that the 2016 disaster record is much larger than in 2015. Now in 2017, an increase in the 2016 disaster record yesterday should be an early warning that Indonesia is still under siege by possible natural disasters, especially those triggered by hydrometeorology factors such as floods.

Is the flood just because there is no trench? Of course not. Trenches are full of garbage and sediment dirt also trigger the occurrence of flooding. This is due to the reduced capacity of the ditch to accommodate and drain the flow of water. So who is responsible for the flood disaster in Indonesia? Is it a government that does not build a ditch by the side of the road? Or the people? Building a ditch on the side of the road is the responsibility of the government as a provider and the implementation of the construction of public facilities. While the people is also involved in making trenches around the house and keep clean. Do not throw garbage in the trenches, do not build buildings above the trenches, and do not close the drain.

Well I think that's all I can to say. I apologize if I'm talking wrong. I hope we can together provide facilities for the disposal of water and keep it clean. Good morning and thank you.

May 22, 2017

Group 4

1. Speech is a spoken expression of ideas or opinions. That is made by someone who is speaking in front of public or a group of people.

2. The aspects in speech are:
     - message
     - speaker
     - audience
     - channel
     - feedback
     - noise
     - setting
Before delivering the speech, we must choose the topic and know what's the problem happen. Arrange the points of the problem that will be discuss. Find the problem solving, learned the materials and practice it. And then prepare yourself.

3. Topics of speech:
- Urai Farizi : The importance of traffic lights against motorists.
- Evi Tamala : Civil engineering is important in life.
- Yulianus Noxus : Environmental awareness in the construction.
- John Siahaan : Culture.
- Tris Hardianti : The importance of sidewalk.
- Gresima Resti Pantula : The importance of trench in development of the road.
- Novia Wikayanti : The importance of zebracross at the schools.

May 13, 2017

My Future Business

When you have something that you like, and you love it, not always in the form of objects, maybe like a hobby that you have or another. You will make all it is always there around you. In what way? Simple. You can make your hobby or something you love as a job. Making money from a hobby, you could call it a business. Fun isn't it?

A lot of people who choose to work as civil servants to meet the needs of the household. A lot of allowances that can guarantee life until retirement. Work for the government and got a paycheck. Even when retired still gets alimony. Who wouldn't want to?

But not all people think the same. Not all people want to work under the control of others. There are those who choose to fight the current. Work according to the wishes of the heart and have flexible time. That's the job that is expected of people with an open mind. And I was in the ranks of people like this. I want to be an entrepreneur.

There is one activity that makes me happy to do it, I call it a hobby. I like the design. I create a design and apply it to a t-shirt. I made it for my own use. I've been thinking to make a t-shirt and sell it. So I will get money from it. But until this moment I have not dared to start it. I think to finish my college, after that I will try to make it happen. From my hobby, I want to make it as my future business. I will be selling t-shirts with my brand own. REGRAPH.

Well, that's my future business. I hope I can make it so real.

May 07, 2017

Akeelah and the Bee

1. Who is your most favorite character in the movie? Why do you like him/her?
2. What is your favorite scene? What has that scene taught you?
3. Mention at least 10 words with their definitions!

1.    My favorite character in the movie is Akeelah Anderson. Because she is a strong girl. She is brave fight shame when her friends laugh at her. Don’t give up when her mother didn’t allow she joined the spelling bee competition.
2.    My favorite scene is when Akeelah’s mother permit her to join the spelling bee competition. The scene teach me that listening is something hard. A sense of worry shouldn’t be bigger than the confidence. As adults especially parents, you don’t need ego, tried to open mind and heart is important things when dealing with children. Enough to listen to them.
3.      10 words are:

       Grovel               :    to lie or crawl with the face downward and the body prostrate
       Placid                :    peaceful, tranquil

       Prestidigitation  :    sleight of hand, legerdemain

       Pterodactyl        :    any of a number of genera of flying reptiles of the extinct order

       Insolent             :    disrespectful, contemptuously impertinent, brash

       Eminent             :    conspicuous, rank, high in station

       Concierge          :    doorkeeper

       Euphoric            :    very happy, confident

       Panache             :    verve, style, flair

       Xylem               :    vessels, consisting of tracheids, woody fibers